Royal Family LIVE: ‘Bloodbath on all sides!’ Meghan revelations could tear apart monarchy

Meghan and Royal Family


THE ROYAL FAMILY could be torn apart in a “bloodbath on all sides” should Buckingham Palace decide to release their Meghan Markle review, experts have claimed. Royal correspondent Jack Royston said on The Royal Report podcast that releasing the results of an investigation into the Duchess’ alleged bullying would reflect badly on all sides.



He said: “I think basically if that report were published it would be a complete bloodbath on all sides and nobody would come out of it looking any good at all. “I think Buckingham Palace will have taken one look at this and thought ‘we’re just going to look awful—this is going to make us look absolutely appalling’ and if every single fact and allegation came out I just think it would be a complete mud fight and there would be mud over everybody.”

Meghan Markle


Bullying allegations were made against the Duchess of Sussex by former Kensington Palace staff members after the leak of an email exchange between former palace press secretary Jason Knauf and Prince William’s private secretary.



The claims were immediately labelled a “smear campaign” by Meghan’s team. A review into the supposed bullying was launched, however this week it emerged that the Queen would not be releasing details of the report, which was described as a “blow” for Meghan by some royal experts.


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