RACISTS TARGET ARCHIE Harry and Meghan’s son Archie targeted by white supremacists ‘for being mixed race’ in ‘terror podcast’



PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle’s son Archie was targeted by evil white supremacists “for being mixed race”, a court has heard. Christopher Gibbons, 38, described the three-year-old as an “abomination that should be put down” in a sickening online “terror” podcast. Depraved Gibbons and fellow host Tyrone Patten-Walsh, 34, also called for Harry to be “prosecuted” and “judicially killed for treason” for being married to Meghan.



The pair are said to have hated mixed-race relationships and used Harry and Meghan’s marriage as an example on their “Black Wolf Radio” chat show.nGibbons, of Carshalton, South London, and Patten-Walsh, of Romford, East London, deny encouraging acts of extreme right-wing terrorism through their podcast between March 3, 2019 and February 9, 2020.

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Those found guilty of encouraging terrorism contrary to section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2006 – could face up to 15 years in prison. Gibbons denies a further count of disseminating terrorist publications by uploading videos to an online stash called “The Radicalisation Library” between April 2018 and February 2020. Prosecutor Anne Whyte QC told Kingston Crown Court both men “are dedicated and unapologetic white supremacists” who “hold extreme right-wing views”.



She added: “They thought that if they used the format of a radio show, as good as in plain sight, they could pass off their venture as the legitimate exercise of their freedom of speech. “In fact what they were doing was using language designed to encourage others to commit acts of extreme right-wing terrorism against the sections of society that these defendants hated.”


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The court heard that some 23 lengthy audio podcasts, featuring “quite crude” still background images and interspersed with music, were posted online to an account with 128 subscribers. Gibbons and Patten-Walsh allegedly endorsed the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in 2016. They also glorified Brenton Tarrant’s 2019 shooting spree in Christchurch, New Zealand, which killed 51 people at two mosques during Friday prayers.



And in a discussion of the 2017 Manchester Arena suicide bomb attack, in which 22 people were killed, victims were referred to as “sluts,” the jury was told. Patten-Walsh allegedly said: “They start screaming and that’s the bit that really pleases me because I hate those people. “And it’s a sign of masculine, even though it was done by a sand n*****, masculine terror against women.”


Archie and Meghan

Ms Whyte said the endorsements of violence came in the “context of unbridled racism” as the pair bemoaned the existence of black and Asian MPs. They also made anti-Semitic remarks and depicted black and Asian men as rapists in their horror podcast. The trial continues.


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