Prince William’s response to Prince George’s plea slammed as young royal faced challenge

prince william and George


PRINCE William’s response to his son Prince George’s discomfort at Wimbledon after his parents dressed him in a suit and tie in the heatwave has been criticised. The eight-year-old future king was captured telling his father the Duke of Cambridge he was “too hot” as temperatures soared to 28C during the famous tennis tournament. To which William replied: “Oh you’re hot, are you?” “It’s very warm today.. It’ll be fine.”



His mother also told him to avoid sitting “in the bright sunshine” and added they are “often in the shade”. Australian royal writer Daniela Elser said the moment proved Prince George’s childhood was over and reminded the world despite being a young child he was in fact working as he “learns the ropes of his future grown up job”. She said the House of Windsor was “still happily putting kids to work. Just ask Prince George”.


Dad and son

Wiring for, Ms Elser said: “No, ‘let’s take your jacket off’ or ‘how about loosening your tie?’ “The expectation was obvious: Maintaining a suitably polished image while on the job trumped whatever discomfort he might have been. “Because let’s make no bones about this: George going to Wimbledon might have been a jolly (or a “treat” as Kate put it) for the boy but it was also very much work.”



It is thought Kate and William were being respectful to the All England Club’s formal dress code in the Royal Box. But many critics pointed out they would have been happy to see George in something less formal. The royal author said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a responsibility to start “to prepare their son for the one and only job he will likely ever hold”.

Cambridge Arrival


She added: “The Cambridge children might be growing up surrounded by ponies and Range Rovers and extended jaunts to Mustique but there is one thing they will always be denied to some degree: Choice. “Not over where he lives, what he does every day, and what his purpose in life will be.” Ms Elser warned Prince George’s responsibilities as a future monarch would start much earlier for him than they did for his father.



She added: “Everything will rest on a 20-something George. “While William was allowed to spend his first decade of adulthood at university, training in the armed services and then working as a search and rescue chopper pilot, the chance of George getting to enjoy such similar latitude seems impossible. “The monarchy is going to not only need the young prince to join the working royal ranks much much earlier than the Duke of Cambridge but Charlotte and Louis too. “The sad fact is, there is no one else.” Prince George was pictured beaming as he watched Novak Djokovic face off with Nick Kyrgios in the four-set match over the weekend.


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