Prince William issues ‘brutal’ snub against ‘irrelevant’ Prince Harry

william and harry


Prince William’s true reasons for branding Prince Harry ‘irrelvant’ have been brought to light by experts. Daily Mail editor Richard Eden made this claim in his interview with Mail+’s Palace Confidential.



There, he explained Prince William’s decision to ‘not look back’ to Prince Harry and explained the true reasons for it all. “Essentially, Harry is almost someone from his past,” Mr Eden began by explaining.


“It sounds brutal and it is sad but Harry is not part of the future that William envisages and he is almost irrelevant to that.” “And we saw that in a pretty stark way at the Jubilee celebrations I think.” While the Jubilee trip was a ‘last ditch’ effort to mend fences, experts fear it did ‘nothing’ to change the dynamic.


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