Prince Harry, Meghan Markle shocked as Charles rejects UK ‘re invite’

charles reject harry and meghan


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are disappointed over no sign of royal comeback when father Prince Charles makes King. Expert Neil Sean on his YouTube channel revealed the Sussexes thought they will be invited back to the UK to ‘reinvent monarchy’.



However, under new strategy by Prince Charles and William, the Duke and Duchess will be replaced by other royal family members including Princess Anne husband, Tim Laurence. He told viewers: “Harry and Meghan thought they were invincible and that the monarchy would not survive without them”But as we have seen, the last 18 months have proven a very difficult transition for Harry and Meghan.”


royal meghan and harry

Mr Sean continued: “Harry and Meghan really felt that they would have to return to the UK because of the slimmed-down monarchy, in the absence of Her Majesty the Queen, who has taken a step back recently. “They have decided not to reinvite Harry and Meghan back and instead it is other members of the Royal Family who have stepped forward to help.



“In particular, the husband of Princess Royal, Tim Laurence, has played his part. He recently filled in for Princess Anne and did spectacularly. “On the instruction of both Prince Charles and William, they are now going to include him on their royal rota and see if he can take on more royal events representing the monarchy.


Harry and markle

“This has not gone down well with the former royals in California because they felt that at some point Charles would have to call them back. “But, as we have seen with Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward, there are members of the royals who are more than willing to step forward. “It makes it very difficult to see how Meghan and Harry could ever make their transition back into royal life.”


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