Prince Harry, Meghan convinced Royals have ‘serious problems’ amid new scandal

royal meghan and harry


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly convinced that the British royal family has ‘serious problems’ amid Prince Charles’ new cash-for-favours scandal, with a source telling Heat that they’re ‘relieved’ to be away.


A source spilled to the outlet that both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been feeling glad about their 2020 exit from the royal family – termed ‘Megxit’ – which ensured that this time, they are away from royal controversy.



As per the insider: “It’s never been more of a relief to be away from the royal spotlight. Of course, Meghan and Harry are following the feeding frenzy over ‘dirty cash’ and are relieved that they’re not in the firing line for a change.”

meghan and harry


The source further said: “Watching this whole tawdry mess unravel in the news only strengthens their belief that the Firm has serious problems.”



The comments come as Prince Harry and Meghan continue to face relentless negative press from British publications in the wake of Megxit; the royal couple stepped down as senior royals in 2020 and have since relocated to the US.


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