‘Not bossy!’ Princess Charlotte’s ‘like Kate’ with her subtle corrections to ‘avoid drama’

Princess Charlotte hilariously scolds Prince Louis during Jubilee Pageant


PRINCESS CHARLOTTE has been described as “her mother’s daughter” by a body language expert to analyse her behaviour when she corrected her brothers on numerous occasions over the Jubilee weekend. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis appeared several times across the Platinum Jubilee weekend alongside their parents Prince William and Kate Middleton.



On a few occasions, the youngest Cambridge child stole the show with his funny faces and energetic behaviour. But it was Princess Charlotte who displayed royal duty beyond her years. Express.co.uk spoke to body language expert Judi James who explained more.
Judi said: “Charlotte showed how much her mother’s daughter she is over the jubilee celebrations, not only staying close to Kate, holding her hand at times and even chatting and laughing together like friends as they watched the final pageant.

charlotte is like Kate


“But also showing she is beginning to job-share with her mother the duties of keeping an eye on her two brothers as well. “It’s very sweet to see her confidence grow in public and to see her acting like school prefect, even standing up in the carriage to bend and peer into Camilla’s handbag as though she had been assigned security duties as well. “Like her mother she is developing an aura of calm and quite firm authority as she deals with both her older and younger brothers.”



The expert continued: “There are no signals of bossiness from her. “It is a testament to both her natural authority as well as her skill of keeping the small corrections and nudges subtle enough to avoid drama or tantrums that both boys seem to naturally fall into line initially, even though Louis might try to sneak another wave or hand-clap after Charlotte has urged him to stop.

charlotte and George


“Both William and Kate look very relaxed about watching Charlotte in this role of helper and almost seem to encourage the delegation. “When it was Charlotte who spotted the way that George was holding his arms too far forward as they stood for the anthem on the balcony, William barely glanced down at the pair, suggesting high levels of trust in his daughter’s skills to spot a problem and correct it.



“Kate didn’t seem to notice that Louis was putting his fingers into his mouth in the royal box but Charlotte did. “She then mimed what she had been correcting after Kate asked what had happened. “And in the carriage it was Charlotte pushing Louis’ hands back down into his lap when she felt he was waving for too long. “Like Kate, Charlotte also seems to dishing out hugs and affection as well,” Judi added.


Prince Louis caught making faces at mom Kate Middleton during Jubilee pageant

“When his parents and siblings returned from their visit to Wales we could see Louis running into his mother’s arms for a cuddle but it looks as though the next person he turned to for a hug was his sister Charlotte. “Her nudging and correcting body language looks sweetly similar to the rituals the Queen Mother used on her small daughters in public. “And Charlotte looked every bit as alert to anything other than regal behaviour from her siblings during this long and possibly challenging weekend in the public eye.



“Her role seems like a reflection of the very caring and empathetic side that Charlotte has also shown recently, throwing glances of concern at first Beatrice as she sobbed during the memorial service and then the Queen as she stood beside her on the balcony.
“Her smile as she approached and listened to fans in the crowd showed some genuine concern and empathy could be replacing her initial symptoms of shyness,” Judi suggested.


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