Meghan Criticized Over Lilibet’s Dress While Publication Defends Kate


Meghan Markle was criticized for not ironing the dress of her one-year-old daughter after the release of a snap from Lilibet’s birthday party. The Sun quoted several negative comments about the Sussex baby’s outfit, initially suggesting: “Eagle-eyed mums are all saying the same thing.”

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The story came at the same time the newspaper ran a separate story praising Kate’s parenting of Prince Louis after the four-year-old’s mischievous performance during the Platinum Jubilee. Some criticized Kate, while The Sun ran a story with a body language expert revealing “the clever parenting tricks Kate Middleton uses to keep Prince Louis in line.”



Many may think the defense of Kate was legitimate, with some of the abuse hurled at her being vitriolic, but the story cut a very different tone to the one about Meghan. The Sun did, however, make adjustments to its coverage after publication, suggesting there may have been an acknowledgement that its initial take was unfair.


The story initially ran with the headline: “WRINKLE IN TIME Royal fans gush over Lilibet’s adorable birthday snap but eagle-eyed mums are all saying the same thing.” This was later changed to say “harsh mums are all saying the same thing.”



The story initially read: “SHE’S the spitting image of her famous parents. But while most royal fans were left gushing over the new portrait of Meghan and Prince Harry’s daughter Lilibet—to mark her first birthday—others were left saying the same thing. Namely that Lilibet’s pale blue dress should have been ironed.” However, this was later changed to say: “Very exacting mums were left saying the same thing.”

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The updated version of the story also described the critics as “harsh trolls” as the publication moved to distance itself from the attacks on Meghan’s status as a mother. However, it remains live and includes quotes from an unnamed social media user saying: “Dreadful photo. Why would any loving parent want their child presented so badly?



The hand embroidered dress is not shown to enhance the personality of the child. Instead it looks wrinkled and time-worn.” Another said: “The dress should be ironed.” The article did offer balance, quoting another royal fan who said: “She’s a child, how dare you attack her little wrinkles?? “I didn’t even notice them because I was so excited to see her sweet face. Like or dislike her parents, doesn’t matter, but bashing her dress is beyond rude!”

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However, the saga has echoes of a past era in coverage of the couple when Meghan was picked apart over a series of minor perceived infractions during royal jobs. These included everything from wearing black nail varnish to touching her pregnancy bump too often.



In the post-COVID era, public appearances by the couple are less frequent and so complaints about etiquette or protocol have given way to a broader narrative about the couple exploiting their royal titles, being hypocritical on the environment or upsetting the queen.

meghan and lilibet


The Platinum Jubilee began with hopes for any sign of an olive branch between Meghan and Harry and the royals. However, they were barely seen with other family members as they were confined to watching from a side office during Trooping the Colour on Thursday, June 2. They appeared at a church service in the queen’s honour at St Paul’s Cathedral, in London, on Friday, June 3, but they sat on the opposite side from William and Kate.



The Cambridges were then away on a visit to Wales during Lilibet’s birthday celebrations.
It all means there was little visible chance for Meghan, Kate and William to patch up relations after the Oprah Winfrey interview, in March 2021.

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Meanwhile, social media fandoms descended into attacks on Meghan and Kate as mothers.


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