Many Times Princess Charlotte Was a Total Scene Stealer


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s only daughter, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, is getting better with age. Although all eyes have been on her baby brother, Prince Louis, no one steals the show quite like Princess Charlotte. From hamming it up in her nursery school photos to debuting her first royal curtsy, here are Char’s best moments caught on camera.



1. When She Fangirled Over a Balloon Arch: During the 2016 royal tour of Canada, Princess Charlotte made a beeline for a balloon display and gave it a big ol’ hug. (Because why not?)

Princess Charlotte


2. And Debuted Her Favorite Stuffed Puppy: In 2015, Kensington Palace released photos of Char playing with a stuffed animal and, well, her face says it all.



3. When She Stopped to Smell the Roses: The princess was far more interested in smelling a bouquet of flowers than greeting the crowds during an official visit to Poland and Germany in July 2017. Can you really blame her?

Prince Charlotte


4. And Hammed It Up in Her Nursery School Photos: Charlotte gave us major Princess Diana vibes when she posed for photos on her first day of nursery school in January 2018.



5. When She Proved to Be One Sassy Lady: Back in September 2017, Prince William said Charlotte, not Prince George, will be “trouble when she’s older” (we knew it!) and her window gaze at the Trooping the Colour Parade is proof.

Princess Charlotte


6. And Debuted Her Very First Curtsy:  On the royal tour of Poland and Germany in 2017, Char performed her very first—albeit tiny—royal curtsy. Take note, Meghan Markle.



7. When She Chose the Wrong Time to Nap: In December 2017, the royal family attended a holiday luncheon at Buckingham Palace. When they arrived, paparazzi captured a sleepy-eyed Char waking up from a nap.

Princess Charlotte


8. And Stole the Show While Meeting Her New Baby Brother: After Kate gave birth to royal baby number three, Charlotte arrived at St. Mary’s Hospital with her dad, Prince William, and her brother, Prince George, and excitedly waved at the crowds as she made her way inside. Prince Louis, who?



9. And Stole It Again at Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Wedding: In May 2018, the young princess coined the move, dubbed “The Charlotte Wave,” when she arrived at St. George’s Chapel.


Princess Charlotte

10. Oh, and at Princess Eugenie’s Nuptials, Too: All eyes were on Char (yet again) when she greeted the crowds at Windsor Castle with her signature move.



11. When She Showed Her Audacious Side: Things took a candid turn at Prince Louis’s christening, when the three-year-old sassed photographers and said “You’re not coming.” Hey, she’s not wrong.

Princess Charlotte


12. And Stole Her Mom’s Shades: At the Maserati Royal Charity Polo match in June 2018, Princess Charlotte was seen goofing off with her brother, Prince George, and sporting her mom’s sunglasses.



13. When she conducted a band: To say that Princess Charlotte had a blast while practicing for the Jubilee concert would be an understatement. Back in June, the young royal was seen confidently wielding her baton with a smile as she led the band at Cardiff Castle for a rendition of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

Princess Charlotte


Princess Charlotte

14. And finally, when she mocked the crowd: In August 2019, Princess Charlotte attended the King’s Cup Regatta on the Isle of Wight in England, where photographers captured the young royal sticking her tongue out at the crowd.


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