Kate Middleton struck with devastating news as confidante passes away


Kate Middleton on Wednesday morning received tragic news after it was reported that her close confidante and prenatal guide, Christine Hill, died at the age of 74, reported Express UK.

Prince William 'furious' after Kate


It in understood that both Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, will be saddened by the news, as Christine served as a big part of their very first pregnancy with their eldest child, Prince George, the future King.



A spokesman for Christine, an obstetric physiotherapist, also confirmed the sad news, saying: “She will be achingly missed. Her feisty, amusing, straightforward demeanour won her many friends.”

meghan misunderstood kate flower


Kate reportedly took one-on-one antenatal classes with Christine in 2013 at her home near the Thames in London, and Prince William also reportedly attended one such session with his wife.



Earlier, Christine even described the royal duo as a ‘very strong team’ in a chat with The Telegraph, saying: “Duchess Kate is a delightful girl… What you see is what you get.”



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