‘In good hands’ Kate issues heart-warming tribute to William over future royal role switch

kate tribute to william


KATE, Duchess of Cambridge, has said she is in “good hands” with Prince William after a conversation over the couple’s royal titles. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Cardiff over the Platinum Jubilee weekend, ahead of the Platinum Party at the Palace on June 4. The couple had their two eldest children, Prince George, eight, and six-year-old Princess Charlotte, in tow for the young royals’ first official engagement.



The family spent the day in the Welsh capital meeting those involved in a Jubilee extravaganza hosted at Cardiff Castle, helping out with the final preparations for the show before heading back to London. But when greeting royal fans in Wales, Kate praised Prince William in a heartwarming comment about the future king, 39. Kate, after being told by a royal fan that she would make a fantastic Princess of Wales in the future, the Duchess of Cambridge responded that she was in “good hands” with William.

kate tribute to william


In a clip shared by Twitter user @hellen3030, Kate gestures toward her husband, replying to the royal watcher: “That’s very kind of you. I’m in good hands.” The Princess of Wales title was previously held by Prince William’s mother, the late Princess Diana. The Prince of Wales title, currently held by Prince Charles, is reserved for the heir apparent. However, although Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, would have a claim to the Princess of Wales title as future Queen Consort, she has never used this title.



It is understood to be a mark of respect to Princess Diana, who died in 1997. But once Prince Charles becomes monarch, a number of royals will inherit new titles, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They have held these titles since their wedding back in 2011. But although not automatic, it is likely that the pair will then take on the titles of Prince and Princess of Wales. Along with Prince Charles, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took on a prominent role in leading the country’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations earlier this month.


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Since the celebrations, reports have claimed that a residential shake-up could be in store for the Cambridge family as they look to relocate from their current home at Kensington Palace. It is believed Prince William will use his 40th birthday to mark another change for the young family as they move into “the big house” on the Queen’s Windsor estate later in the summer. A friend of the family said the Cambridges were looking for more space for their three children away from the capital.



They told The Times: “The reality is they are quite confined in what they can do in London.”
They added: “The kids can’t go into the park and kick a football with friends. “Their plan is to be there for the next ten to 15 years and then move to Anmer, which is so special to them.” Anmer Hall, the Cambridge’s Norfolk retreat, will remain the family’s frequent holiday destination, it is believed.


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